Monday, 20 July 2015

Awesome Ideas for Home Remodeling

Finding great home remodeling ideas can be a little challenging these days. With the wide coverage that home design and decoration gets in the media, more and more people are reaching out to find unconventional and innovative ways to express themselves through their homes. Check out these ideas if you are looking for something new that you can add to your house or yard.

Lower the Living Room

You’ve probably seen something like this on TV shows, because the idea has been popular with certain dramas set in the 1960s, but the idea is that you lower the living room area to create a lounge, which also happens to have built-in sofa walls. This allows you to have a walk-down conversation pit without breaking up the sightlines in your living room.

Create a Pillow Lounge

Smaller unused bedrooms, attic nooks, or dining room spaces can be repurposed into furniture-free pillow lounges by creating wall-to-wall padding like a giant mattress and outfitting the room as a home theater. This allows you and your family to lay around any way you like and letting everyone get comfortable.

Under-Stairs Storage

Creating under-stairs storage can work in a variety of ways, including
  • Built-in bookshelves
  • Cabinets and pull-out drawers
  • Trapdoors and hidden compartments
Any or all of these options can help you to make use of your space under the stairs more efficiently, allowing you to organize your family’s belongings in a way that contributes to the overall design of your house. To find out more about home remodeling in Carlsbad, check out this website.

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